The Journey

Starting on inline skates from the statue of liberty, the journey of Austin Szelkowski (the freedom skater) will take him past the Washington monument, into the deep south, and through the great plains of our country. Out west he will journey over the Rocky Mountains and through the mojavi desert making his way to the great coast of California. He will skate, he will speak, inspire! Below is a brief summary of the tour.

  • Austin arrives in NYC to begin garnering support and a pre-skate speaking tour on Labor Day (Sept. 06) 2010. Pre-skate tour to include: Yale, Harvard, Wellesley College, and others.
  • Austin to begin official skate on Oct. 4th, 2010 at the Statue of Liberty
  • Austin to travel south toward North Carolina and then west toward Santa Monica, CA (following the I-40 route).
  • Austin to stop at colleges, high schools, and universities to encourage students to boldly overcome fears and find true freedom through personal empowerment and entrepreneurship.

The map below shows the projected skating route of The Freedom Skater:

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Fairly up-to-date map of journey so far (this is rough):

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Live Free!