American Pioneer Ventures

APV is run by President, Dan Hussain, and is the primary investor and business supporter for the Freedom Skater tour. APV is now a full partner and partial owner of Austin Tells LLC, which is the company backing this tour. Dan was inspired to see how much his personal and company vision lined up with that of the Freedom Skater tour and couldn’t help but get involved. Dan had the vision and the initiative to jump on board within just a few days of knowing me and my team. He is a one of those rare people who understands my vision so well that he can anticipate my thought process on important issues before I even discuss them with him. Dan’s involvment, and that of his company, APV, has been and will continue to be absolutely crucial to the success of the Freedom Skate. Learn more about APV’s involvement with the tour here

Resistance Marketing

Resistance Marketing is headed up by my business partner, Dillon Norton. Resistance Marketing provides creative and cutting-edge marketing services for businesses of all sizes and types, including: innovative presentations, marketing plans, media plans, press kits, digital promotions, and various other services. Dillon’s work, and that of his company, has been essential to the proper development and branding of the Freedom Skater tour. His hard work and dedication has been remarkable, and the results speak for themselves.

The InSights Group

Support Community for Entrepreneurs
The Insights Group has provided moral support, innovative ideas, and the necessary element of community to my entrepreneurial endeavors since I graduated this past September. I cannot begin to explain how much my friendship with the co-owners, Sandi Maki and Al Curtis, means to me. The support I have received from the Insights community as a whole has been indispensable to making the project happen.

Clear Vision Tank

Go To Clear Vision Tank
Clearvision Tank Trailers was born from a desire to serve the tank trailer industry with the best trailer offerings to the bulk transportation industries. I met the CEO of Clear Vision Tank, Jason McAuliffe, while taking a couple days of rest in Charlotte, NC. Jason was inspired by the entrepreneurial vision and message behind my journey. He made a generous donation right at a time when it was needed the most. More than just a supporter, I consider him a friend.


Tyga Box

Marty Spindel and Nadine Cino learned of my skate across America because of a talk I gave at the Inventors Association of Manhattan. They were very inspired by the project and decided to become supporters. Marty and Nadine have incredible entrepreneurial vision and believe, just as I do, that the entrepreneurial spirit is vital to the American economy and culture. Their innovative Tyga-Box moving system is used for large corporate moves and packs the sophistication of an entire UPS tracking system into a portable unit that can be taken directly to move sights.

The Vitamin Creek

The Vitamin Creek

Sabir Semerkant, CEO of The Vitamin Creek, has gone out of his way to provide both financial support and suppport via connection for the Freedom Skate. We had the opportunity to interview Sabir and a group of entrepreneurs he meets with each week, The Idea Team, to discuss my journey. Sabir, along with the idea team, provided a lot of great insights into the connection between entrepreneurship and freedom. They also provided us with some great ideas to help make this journey a success.

The Tunstall Organization, Inc.

Accounting, Consulting, and Tax Prep. for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

David Tunstall, CEO of the Tunstall Organization, has provided both financial support for the Freedom Skate as well as key ideas and connections to help us move forward. The Tunstall Organization is an accounting, consulting, and tax preparation firm that works primarily with non-profits and small businesses. David is the founder of “The Idea Team,” which brought us in for some documentary filming and idea sharing. I suspect that our meeting with The Idea Team will be one of the central grounding scenes of the documentary. It covers so much about the philosophy, psychology, and motivation of my journey.

Sign-A-Rama Brighton

Sign-A-Rama Brighton
The Brighton Sign-a-rama provided the vehicle wrap for a fraction of the cost that it would normally cost for such work. These guys literally stayed out working on this thing until past midnight Labor Day weekend to ensure that it would be ready for us to take off on the evening of Sept. 4th. They went above and beyond the call of duty and delivered more than they promised. Simply awesome people. Mike Favoretto, the owner of Sign-a-rama Brighton, helped me to raise local support through various speaking opportunities right from the beginning, and I’m extremely grateful to him and his staff. Mike suggested that we make the vehicle wrap a “work in progress” and challenge other Sign-a-rama owners across the nation to add something to the current design. I think we’ll take him up on that idea.

Victor J. Banta Photography

Victor J. Banta Photography
Victor provided the first professional photography shots for this project. He does awesome work, and is a great friend. He has been there to support me and this project from the very start.

Maxim 650

Simplifying the Web for Small Business!
Maxim 650 provides web solutions for small business owners:

“Small business owners should have a website that they can manage. We build a website based on your needs. Once you have the site, we make sure that you develop the skills and knowledge to be confident in your ability to manage and update it. The hallmark of our successful client relationship is a meeting that ends with a hug.”

Todd List is the owner of Maxim 650 and also a very close friend of mine. He has been there since the very genesis of this idea to skate across America; I mean, he was literally sitting on the patio with me when I first mentioned the idea. He has supported the endeavor 100% since then and even made a substantial financial contribution to help get things moving. He’s a great man to do business with, and a great friend.

Signs by Tomorrow – Brighton

Signs By Tomorrow - Brighton
Signs-by-Tomorrow provided the banner I fly underneath my flag at a much discounted price. These are some pretty cool guys, and they were great to work with.

Live Free!