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Austin SzelkowskiHello and welcome:

I’m Austin Szelkowski (AKA “The Freedom Skater”), and I’m passionate about finding uncommon ways to do less, achieve more, and live an exciting and fulfilling life.
I’ve spent the last 6 years on an obsessive quest to find the most exciting, meaningful, and free way to live my life.

I’ve read classic and modern literature. I’ve studied religion, Eastern and Western Philosophy, and Psychology. I’ve scoured self-help books and guides, but most importantly, I’ve learned from my own experience. This quest has led me to the realization that most of the advice we get while growing up and being “socialized” is dead wrong.

If you want to live an incredible life, you must be willing to scrap these repressive and worn-out ideas and replace them with a mindset that works – a smart and free mindset. The easiest and smartest way to do that is by learning from someone who’s been there.

Over time, I began to realize that the ideas I’ve learned are more powerful than I could possibly have known while learning them. I realized that I could never be fulfilled unless I was sharing my knowledge with the people who need it to create their own ideal lifestyles.

That is why I set-out on my current skate across America. I’m stopping at countless schools, universities, and organizations to inspire an innovative, courageous, passionate, entrepreneurial, and free approach to life. I’m carrying my message across the nation in the most grass-roots manner imaginable because I believe in these ideas fiercely.

You may have come here because you liked one of my answers on Yahoo Answers, or perhaps you’ve seen me skate through your hometown! However you found me, I want to provide you with the crucial information you need to create your ideal lifestyle. To do so, I draw on my own experiences and the experiences of others who have succeeded in producing their own “ideal lifestyles.”

That all sounds great, but if I didn’t practice what I preach, there would be no reason to listen to me. Fortunately, I do, and living smart has allowed me to create my own ideal lifestyle.

“Austin is the most fearless achiever on wheels! His mission to inspire others to do what matters in their lives will make a significant difference from coast to coast. I challenge anyone who has some inkling to take a risk to resist Austin’s get-moving message.”

– Shelagh Braley, CIO,, regarding presentation at Mass Challenge Global Startup Competition

I’m living for my passions, and here’s what my life currently looks like:

  • As I said, I’m in the middle of a 3000+ mile transcontinental skate across America to empower people to live more freely and passionately through innovative, courageous, entrepreneurial, and smart thinking.

  • I’m launching a global startup company competition in Detroit, MI for entrepreneurs and innovators (advised by the CEO of the similar MassChallenge competition in Boston)

  • I’m building an Academy for Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Detroit, MI to help smart and talented people find the resources, mindset, skills, funding, and connections necessary to launch their awesome ideas

  • I’m directing business development for a strategic management and consulting firm that targets promising early-stage ventures (American Pioneer Ventures)

  • I’m directing business development for an innovative new-media-based marketing firm (Resistance Marketing)

To keep all of these projects steaming forward while living a happy, fulfilled life, I’ve discovered that I must toss most of the “advice,” common wisdom, and “rules for living” that we’ve become accustomed to. I’ve discovered the need to start doing things the uncommon way – the smart way.

5 Quick Reasons Why I Suggest You Stay in the Loop:

  • Most people waste time, energy, and opportunities: People who are too lazy to learn simple strategies to live smart will ultimately waste the majority of their time on soul-crushing menial tasks, become uninspired, and miss the opportunities that would actually produce big results and make them happy!

  • The most important things take the least time and energy to learn: You can either spend your life in servitude, letting it be dominated by other people’s goals, forces outside your control, and worthless dribble, or you can take just the few minutes necessary to learn exciting ideas that change everything. Hmm…

  • I’ve struggled so you don’t have to: I’ve spent the last 6 years on an obsessive quest to find the most exciting, meaningful, and free way to live my life. I want to share insights that will help you to achieve the same in a matter of weeks or months rather than years.

  • Passionate and smart people are my focus: My primary concern is to help passionate people who like to live smart to avoid the most common pitfalls that prevent quick success. The ideas will help you, whether you are experienced or inexperienced, married or single, entrepreneur or day-jobber, and regardless of whether you work at home or in an office. Some of my blogposts are more inspirational in nature, but I’ve made it easy for you to subscribe only to the ones that will interest you most.

  • I’ll give you ONE KEY tip per week: While I write other interesting and inspirational posts on this blog each day of the week, I want to maximize the time that my “living smart” people spend with me. Therefore, I send out only one post each week to people on this list. That means you receive just one highly-targeted post each week to help you quickly improve your life.

“I really appreciated your speech at Ignite Detroit as it presented a great realization and much needed encouragement; it was this sort of recognition of the way that we frame experiences in life can change the outcome and change fear into anticipation of something incredible. That talk really was particularly inspirational to me because my team at Wayne State is at this crossroad in a technology venture project that started 2 years ago and it’s almost scary but when I see it as really just excitement, it’s incredibly motivating. Thanks so much!”

– Melissa Hui – Medical Technology Venturist, Wayne State University, Feb. 25, 2010, regarding Ignite Detroit presentation on Feb. 25, 2010

Living Smart Topics

You can subscribe directly to my “Best from Living Smart” list. With this list, I provide priceless shortcuts, insights, and tools to help you:

  • Take back at least 80% of your time
  • Produce more results with less effort (in all pursuits)
  • Gain the social edge that will give you power and freedom
  • Define and create your ideal lifestyle, quickly
  • Leverage difficulties to grow stronger
  • Market your business and products as well as yourself

I want to help you learn the most important lessons that will spare you 80% or more of the heartaches and wasted time that people who are too lazy to learn will suffer. If you truly want to live an amazing life, you must first learn the smartest way to do it!

In my life, I’ve discovered that I am the most fulfilled and alive when I am moving passionately in a direction of my choosing. When I have the courage to be the driver in my own life, everything begins to take on so much more meaning, because I own it. Interestingly, my direction and my passion are found in inspiring others to find and create theirs.

Too many people watch their lives pass them by and never truly experience or do anything powerful. That should never be. Do this: Stand outside on some cool and clear night, look up at the stars, and say this to yourself: “I only get one shot at this life.” Regardless of your religious leanings, you must understand that you only have one shot at life on this earth. Shouldn’t that be enough motivation to drive you to do incredible things? Shouldn’t you leap out of bed everyday with the intention of experiencing more and waiting less? One shot. One. This is freedom: to live as greatly outwardly as you dream inwardly.

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Austin as a speaker several times, he truly has innovative ideas, and knows how to capture and relate to an audience. I think a great speaker is not only someone who can articulate their thoughts, but someone who can shed light on new things, and really make you think; this is what Austin does.”

– Matt Gaidica, Cofounder of Prime Studios, regarding interview on Begin Innovation TV on Feb. 10, 2010

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More Testimonials

“The Freedom Skater (Austin Szelkowski) came to speak at the Yale Entrepreneurial Society as he made his way across America, promoting entrepreneurship and the importance of creating your own future. One of his messages which stuck with me most was the importance of “showing up”. He spoke about the importance of always being present and fully involved in your endeavors, whatever they may be, because when you put your full heart into something, you will always get the most out of it. He demonstrates the importance of this message through his commitment to spreading his passion of entrepreneurship across the country.”

– Caitlin Hudson, Yale Entrepreneurial Society

“We were pleased to have you visit our school on your tour across America! Our students were intrigued and inspired by the stories of your journey. Your unique experience was well received by our students and instilled a sense of I can do it! Thank you for sharing with us.”

– Principal Jim Kitchen – H.T. Smith Elementary School – Fowlerville, MI, regarding Nov. 5th, 2010 presentation.

“Austin’s presentation was engaging, fun, inspiring, thought-provoking, and full of wisdom. Great stuff! My teenage son was totally impressed too – he’s still talking about it!”

– Jennifer McClure, Unleash It attendee, Brighton, MI

“Austin is a young man on his way up. He’s dynamic, talented, smart, creative, and capable, and I have no doubt that he will succeed at whatever he aspires to. As you’ll see from his video interviews, he’s also eloquent, witty and personable, and I think there might be a late night talk show in his future.”

– Tom Harris, Author and Business Motivator, regarding interview on Begin Innovation TV on April 1st, 2010

“Austin’s presentation was not only informative but very interesting. His approach was such that he would present but get members of his audience actively involved in his journey giving them a tangible and practical understanding of the presentation. At the end, he was very successful at creating a buzz that not only permeated the room after his closing remarks but one that seemed to urge the subsequent speaker to step up their own game.”

– Travis Townsend – President of the International Club – Kettering University – Flint, MI-Regarding Oct. 13, 2009 Presentation

“…a very riveting, edge-of-your-seat performance entitled ‘Is That Fear, or Excitement?’ … This guy is definitely one you want to see live.”

– Stacy Lukasavitz (Reporting for the Detroit Regional News Hub), regarding Ignite Detroit presentation on Feb. 25, 2010

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I may write several blogposts each week that fall under my “Living Smart” category. However, I want to maximize the results you achieve while limiting the time you spend reading my stuff. Therefore, I choose the best post each week to send to you. (I may toss in a quick update about the skate as well in that post)

To subscribe directly to my “Best of Living Smart” list, just type your full name and email address in the form below, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription in the email I send you. As a special thanks, I will send you a free copy of my super quick report:

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How to Take back 80 Percent of Your Time

How to Take back 80% of Your Time

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This is a simple email list, and you can unsubscribe at any time. With that said, the only thing you risk is the time it takes to click “unsubscribe” in the email and delete it. This seems unlikely, as my primary focus is on giving you the precise tools that will allow you to create your ideal lifestyle.

Your one shot is far too short to spend it in misery or servitude. You owe it yourself to be brave, to be bold, to be free. I won’t settle for anything less than your total emancipation from fear. I’m skating 3000 miles across this country to show you that anything is possible. All we need is intention and the courage and conviction necessary to act on that intention. I also skate to learn and to show you that true meaning and joy are not found in the destination; they are found in the journey itself. I skate because I want to create more into your life. I skate because I have committed myself to something: Life – bold, great, and free.


About the Author

Austin obtained his B.S. in mechanical engineering at Kettering University in Flint, MI (formerly GMI). He spent one semester of his undergrad studying in Esslingen, Germany and has a passion for foreign cultures and languages. He is conversationally fluent in German. He is currently skating across America as The Freedom Skater, caring a message of entrepreneurship, ambition, and freedom to American youth. The Freedom Skater Tour is a joint venture between Austin Tells LLC and American Pioneer Ventures.

Austin currently spends most of his time working on the following:

  • Making a 3000+ mile transcontinental skate across America to empower people to live more freely and passionately through smart thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Launching a global startup competition in Detroit, MI for entrepreneurs and innovators (advised by the CEO of the similar MassChallenge competition in Boston)
  • Building an Academy for Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Detroit, MI to help smart and talented people find the resources, mindset, skills, funding, and connections necessary to launch their awesome ideas
  • Directing business development for a strategic management and consulting firm that targets promising early-stage ventures (American Pioneer Ventures)
  • Directing business development for an innovative new-media-based marketing firm (Resistance Marketing)

Austin is eminently interested in the learning process, including: ways to increase the efficiency of learning, designing plans that focus on high-impact learning material, and generally, implementing an entrepreneurial and opportunistic approach to life. He is focused on movement and specializes in bringing ideas from concept to fruition. He views business as a vehicle for social change and envisions economic and social reform driven by the passion people find for the work of their own hands.

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