Time with New Friends – Skate across America Day 105

January 16th, 2011

Total Distance for today: 0 miles
Total Distance for Tour: approx. 600 miles
LOCATION: Burlington, NC
STATUS: Couchsurfing, in route to Atlanta, GA

Time with New Friends

Couchsurfing is an experience like no other, because it allows you to meet incredible new people who not only are willing to bring you into their homes, but also want to share their lives with you. I was supposed to spend Sunday skating from Burlington, NC to Highpoint, NC, but my original Couchsurfing host had something come up and had to leave town. Fortunately, I was able to secure a couch at another CSer in High Point, but by that time, it was getting a bit late to start the long skate.

So, instead of skating, I spent the day hanging out with my Burlington host, Veronica, and her friends. We ended up heading into Greensboro, as she attends a church there. I met some friendly people, enjoyed some Thai food, and also had a chance to wander around the city a bit. We concluded the evening with coffee in a bank vault! Starbucks had found it clever to convert an old bank into a coffee shop.

Veronica, and her family were awesome hosts, and I would like to thank them. I promised her that I would leave a good quote from her, so I thought I’d leave the most clever/funniest one I remember:

After observing a large and full bookshelf during a get-together at a friend’s apartment, Veronica asked her friend this question:

Have you actually read all of these books, or do you just keep them here to make yourself appear more intelligent?

She thought it was really mean and couldn’t believe she said it. I thought it was simply hilarious. 🙂


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