A lot has happened since my last post. The most important highlights are in the video above. One important and unfortunate note: I climbed about 1200 feet to the top of a mountain just west of Miami, AZ, only to get stopped by a state trooper at the top. To make a long story short, the trooper basically told us that we would likely be arrested, if we continued as we were. Even if I had dared to skate down the 6-8% grades with no follow vehicle, there was no shoulder, and we were told that I could be arrested for skating in the road, even without the motor home impeding traffic.

In short, I had to make an executive decision and have us drive down the mountain and start back up 15 miles later. Even though I’ve certainly taken the long way across the country, that didn’t sit to well with me. The only other place I had to do that was for a couple miles crossing the Mississippi River into Louisiana. Another situation that would have most likely resulted in me getting arrested. In both situations, I subtracted the miles from the running total of the tour. Well, we did what we had to; let’s just hope nothing else like that comes up. We should have a lot more options heading through Phoenix tomorrow, and the roads after Phoenix are pretty lightly trafficked, all the way to California. BTW: I expect to break 3000 miles somewhere in or near the Phoenix metropolitan area!

The 411:

Distance Since last Update: 288 miles
Total Distance for Tour: approx. 2933 miles
SKATE LOCATION: 1 mile east of Gold Canyon, AZ
STATUS: Gearing up to skate into Phoenix and cross the 3000 mile marker somewhere in the metro area!


One Response to “Daredevils…”

  • If I recall, the greats in every endeavor learned from mistakes, barriers and “stuff” happens. This trip is about accomplishing what you set out to do, NOT about what didn’t work, but what did. I am sure the first developers of the wheel found a few bumps in the road as well.
    Stay safe above all, and know you have “good vibes from West Texas” behind you all the way.


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