The Freedom Skater wants to carry his message of passion, courage, leadership, and entrepreneurship to your school or organization. The below presentations are available at this time:

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Austin is the most fearless achiever on wheels! His mission to inspire others to do what matters in their lives will make a significant difference from coast to coast. I challenge anyone who has some inkling to take a risk to resist Austin’s get-moving message.

- Shelagh Braley, CIO, www.mylifelist.org, regarding presentation at Mass Challenge Global Startup Competition


Begin at Once!

Middle and High School (grades 6-12)

The Freedom Skater delivers a performance like no other to empower students to recognize that they can and must be the visionaries and leaders of the 21st Century. He uses his own success story to show the power of bold and decisive action in moving toward goals. The lasting buzz that permeates the room during and after this presentation compels students to take immediate action toward defining and creating a compelling future.

Create the Future!

Colleges and Organizations

The Freedom Skater opens eyes and shows audience members that they must be the visionaries and leaders who will create a bold replacement for a rapidly decaying social and economic infrastructure. He shows that the apparent “crumbling” of the system is actually reorganization, and that current students must be the leaders who make it happen.

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