by Austin

September 4, 2010

Hey Guys!

I know communication has been poor since the website went down, but it’s back up and most of the content is here (just need a few tweaks). A lot has happened in the past two weeks, and I promise to get you up to date on the important/exciting stuff. For now, this is what you need:

See the performance schedule and more info here!


The party is tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 4th at the Courthouse Lawn in downtown Howell, MI. It runs from 1-9 PM and will feature performances by Danny James (local country singer), The Guest Stars (alternative rock band out of Lansing), Apathetic Critic (local rock band). We will also have a special performance by Ellysa Rose at the beginning (she rocks!), and of course I will be speaking. Special guest, Mr. Peace, will be speaking with me during the day as well!

So basically: food, music, and good times with the Freedom Skater crew and friends!

also: DJ Dillon Norton


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