by Austin

March 12, 2011

You can never be the person your critics want you to be, or you will cease to be a leader. You will cease to be the very thing that makes you… you. Appreciate the light your critics shine on your weak spots. Learn what you can, and grow where you can, but ultimately, you have to be you. You will not please everyone.


About the author 


From a 3412 mile inline skate across America for Freedom to a pilgrimage halfway around the world, speaker and life coach, Austin Szelkowski has lived an intrepid spiritual journey. Over the last 11 years, he has skated across a continent, built 3 successful businesses, been enlightened by a mind-bending spiritual awakening, and endured a terrifying dark night of the soul journey in 2017. His story brings courage in the darkest places – providing a sense of spiritual adventure and hope.

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