What You Give – Skate across America Day 82

December 24th, 2010

Total Distance for today: 0 miles
Total Distance for Tour: approx. 553 miles
LOCATION: Tour Paused for Holidays in Raleigh, NC. I’m visiting with family, friends, and fans back in Fowlerville, MI
STATUS: Celebrating Christmas with Family

What You Give

Christmas is the most giving holiday of the year. I’m sure you’ve given and received many gifts, and I hope it’s been great, but let me challenge you:

What if, instead of focusing on the endless material gifts we get so wrapped up in (pun intended!), we started focusing on what we give back into the world? I don’t mean this in the cliche way you might think I do. I’m referring to “your work,” and I will define it as your overall contribution to the world you live in – your legacy. It is the culmination of all of your self-determined reasons for living. That’s your work. What does your work say about you? Will you leave a bountiful and powerful legacy behind, or will you be remembered as a miser?

As always, I encourage you to strive to create and give beyond yourself. That is how you become great.

Merry Christmas!


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