Request “The Freedom Skater” for WHMI 93.5 FM Morning Show!

So, I was out skating today, and I happened upon the WHMI radio station in Howell. I was about to roll by when I decided: “Hey! Why not?” So I skated right into the building, and before I knew it, we were sitting down for an interview. Not sure when they’re airing it, but they were interested in getting me on the morning show… I think you guys (the heroes) should email/call/beat the door down to let them know that you want me on that morning show! That would be so awesome to prove the power of a movement of the people like that! Their phone number is: 888-946-4935. Their email is:

Of course I’ll give you guys a shout-out. Matter of fact, I’m going to draw names from a hat for the first 5 people who comment on this post. Whoever I pick will get a special shout-out while I’m on the show!


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