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Eyes that Won’t Bow – Skate across America Day 60

If today you feel afraid, powerless, or lost, then defy today and defy yourself. Defy the thousandfold enemies that seem to encompass you, with eyes that will not bow.


Skate across America Day 15: “Don’t Talk to Strangers!”

Many a bold young man or woman has been required to expend incredible courage and energy to unlearn deeply ingrained habits that are based on a negative view of humanity and a non-opportunistic view of life… Read the rest on the blog!

Skate across America Day 14: Reinvigorated

The consummate opportunist takes any change, positive or negative, and views it simply as a change, a shift, and an alteration. With this mindset, the change always presents some form of opportunity, but sometimes, it takes a special intellect to see it… Read the rest on the Blog!

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