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Freedom Skater Send-Off Party is Tomorrow!

The party is tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 4th at the Courthouse Lawn in downtown Howell, MI. It runs from 1-9 PM…


Send-Off Party and Antics

The Freedom Skater Team is hard at work preparing for our big Send-Off Party. Don’t worry… The big “behind the scenes” blog-post is coming up very soon. For now… Enjoy these antics.

Send-Off Party acts: Danny James, The Guest Stars, Apathetic Critic

also: DJ Dillon Norton

Give It All – Why Skate Across America?

I had a revelation today, and I wanted to share it with you. I discovered that what I want out of life is much different now than it was just seven short months ago, when I graduated from Kettering University. I found out that I want to give it all…

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