Be Careful in Limbo – Skate across America Day 114-117

January 25th-28th, 2011

Total Distance for today: 0miles
Total Distance for Tour: approx. 828 miles
LOCATION: Greenville, SC
STATUS: I’ve been waiting for some new brakes that I had air-shipped to Greenville before I can move on. It would be suicide to skate in this hill country without them. They just arrived today, so I will finally be able to move on to Anderson, SC tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed my time with my Couchsurfing host and her friends. They have been both gracious and a great time to hangout with. I might just need to add a little dot for Greenville on the journey map. In honor of my new friends, of course. 🙂

Be Careful when in Limbo

On the road, I find myself feeling a lot of things: elation, a sense of true freedom, exhaustion, stress, and danger. When you’re on the road, often times, you can only think about your next rest point. You look forward to spending a couple days or even a few hours in one place. Strangely, it is the rest days, when I’m in limbo, that this tour can be the most difficult.

When you’re out moving, doing, and becoming, you don’t have time to over-analyze your situation. You just do. There’s something about these rest days that is somewhat unnerving. It’s almost like you’re afraid you’ll be tempted to like the semblance of normal life a little too much and never start back up.

If you’re on the way somewhere, physically or metaphorically, be careful about spending too much time at rest – in limbo. Your mind can play tricks on you. Keep your perspective. Most importantly: keep moving forward.


2 Responses to “Be Careful in Limbo – Skate across America Day 114-117”

  • avatar Pamela Miller:

    Dear –
    I have told many people in Chapel Hill and Carboro since my daughter Maddie and I met you 2 weeks ago. You are becoming a Legend.
    I grew up in Pakistan and India. I have been in many survival situations.
    My reccommendation for you is to sleep outside as much as possible. No cushy beds. It breaks your mindset when you get too comfortable. Do you understand this? I do think you have to have a paradigm shift for this – I think you just have to consider it – Its a Zen thing – and a mind set. Quit the Couches! couches are too comfortable. Get very close to Nature instead. Forget Peoples Couches. Go to the Land – Stay in the Wilderness My Friend – That is where you need to be! Pam 919 636 8149

    • avatar Austin:

      Amazing, Pamela! Absolutely dead on. The best comment I’ve had on this blog yet. I’m taking this to heart.

      Thanks for spreading the word!

      – Austin

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